Royal Yacht Brittania
Follow the footsteps of Kings,Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers

For over forty years The royal Yacht Brittannia served the Royal Family, travelling over one million miles to become the most famou ship in the world. Travelling to every corner of the globe, in a career spanning 968 royal and official visits, she played a leading role in some of the defining moments of recent history.To Her MajestyThe Queen and the Royal Family, Brittannia proved to be the perfect royal residence for glittering State Visits, official receptions, honeymoons and relaxing family holidays.

Since her decomissioning Brittannia has now made Edinburgh's historic Port of Leith her final home and is open to the public throughout the year.

Brittannia is owned by The Royal Yacht Brittannia Trust, a non- profit making charity, which is grateful for your support. All proceeds go towards Brittannia's long-term maintenance.